Thank you for showing an interest in our music.  We started writing songs while serving in Iraq with no predetermined ambitions beyond pleasing family and friends.  However, as our music was passed around, we were thrilled to find that everyone seemed to enjoy it.  We are not professional singers, songwriters, or musicians.  We represent the average soldier serving in Iraq.  Our recordings are a little rough around the edges, being made solely on a laptop computer with a digital recording program, a plastic microphone, and an acoustic guitar.  Even so, we are confident that you will enjoy what we have to offer.  Never before has music made by soldiers, recorded in a combat zone, been readily available to folks at home.  The complete emotional spectrum encountered by the American soldier is displayed in our songs, which range from patriotic tunes to poking fun at known terrorists.  Thanks again for all of your support both in Iraq and with our music.


                     JR Schultz and Nick Brown