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Hello and thanks for visiting our website.  We are very excited about sharing our music with you and hope that you enjoy what we have to offer.  During the past year, we have spent our spare time writing and recording music that represents our thoughts and feelings about serving here in Iraq.  At first, we never dreamed of producing a CD, but the response from our fellow soldiers, as well as family and friends back home, led us to try and find a way.  With the help of a digital recording program we found on the internet, we were able to record our music right here in Baghdad.  Throughout history, soldiers have written and played music that has rarely been available to the public.  However,  today's technology allows us to share our music with you, straight from Baghdad.  Click on the links below to listen to sound bytes from our CD.   

I am a Patriot

You Know Me

Lay Your Head Down

All I Really Miss Is You


The Day You Were Born

All You Gotta Do

The Ballad of Ahmed Razooki

Should've Known Better

When Daddies Don't Come Home

We Hate Terrorists

Baghdad Ain't That Bad

Blame it on the ING